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Instagram's new time limit tools and how to grow your audience's loyalty

category: guide|author: Ilona Iftode|updated: 30-06-18

Instagram’s new time limit tools are finally here and they promise to change user behavior or at least raise some warning flags about over-use. On the other hand, as a business conducting marketing efforts on Instagram, your main strategy is to engage your audience as much as possible. Thus, how is it possible to consider these new “Instagram time limit tools” a blessing and not a curse? The secret: quality over quantity. Always. Forever. Until infinity and beyond. Okay, you get the point.

Fact is, more and more people are affected by the enormous amounts of time spent on social media. Research shows that excessive use of Instagram can have a negative toll on mental health and can contribute to alienation and even anxiety. The documentation on this topic is plentiful and the info is readily available to anyone eager to learn more. Newsroom has written an in-length article discussing the subject and connecting to specialists that shared more insights regarding social media use.

We believe that no tool is inherently good or bad and that it all depends on us, the users, to give it meaning. Thus, we aim to help you infuse positive meaning to Instagram and aid your followers in making the most of it too. In this respect, the Instagram new time limit tools can be of great help to us all. In this article you’re going to find everything about:

  • How Instagram’s new time limit tools will work
  • How to incorporate Instagram’s new time limit tools into your marketing strategy
  • A few fun tips and tricks on what to do with the free time gained thanks to Instagram’s new time limit tools

Let’s begin!


1. How Instagram’s new time limit tools work

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the initiative first rippled from Facebook and propagated into Instagram. Actually, it all started in December 2017, when Facebook itself recognized the over-use problem by sharing a post on the subject. Then they promised to help find a solution to the over-use problem and apparently they’ve kept their word.

Now, with the new time limit tools, users of both Facebook and Instagram will be able to check just how much time they spend daily on Facebook and Instagram and even set time limits that will result in notifications being sent to them when their allotted time is up. What’s more, with Instagram’s new time limit tools, users will have more control over how much attention the app requires out of them. They will be able to mute notifications for a period of time. This way, Facebook and Instagram officials hope to help users find more accomplishment in their time spent on the platforms, while also focusing on the offline world.

To access Instagram’s time limit tools, go to your profile in Settings. There, search for the “Your Activity” tab to open the time limit tools dashboard.

Facebook and Instagram's new time limit tools dashboard

Screenshot Credits: Newsroom Facebook

Of course, critics state that the initiative of introducing the new time limit tools on Instagram and Facebook is too little, too late. A specialist at the Oxford Internet Institute declared for Newsbeat that “I wouldn’t say that it’s going to really change a lot about the way that most people use Facebook or Instagram.” On the other hand, the responsibility must be shared between the platforms and its users. No matter how many techniques Facebook or Instagram entail to keep people hooked, it’s up to us to put the phones down and recognize which time is used with good purpose and which time is lost.

how to put a time limit to your Instagram scrolling----

2. Instagram’s new time limit tools and your marketing strategy

While Instagram’s new time limit tools are directed at individual users of Facebook and Instagram, business profiles will definitely feel the effects. Instead of panicking that you’re going to lose followers and that your engagement rates will drop, we suggest you redirect your attention towards how to make the most out of these new tools. Remember, our end goal is to provide quality and the happiness of users is something that will benefit all. But how to do it?

retweak your marketing strategy according to Instagram's new time limit tools

2.1. Capitalize on the new time limit tools and promote them

By providing for the well-being of your followers you’ll win more than a lead, but you’ll get a loyal potential customer who trusts you. Thus, if you promote the new time limit tools and encourage users to be more aware of their time spent on Instagram you’ll win more than by having them mindlessly scrolling all day. Think about incorporating some CTAs related to Instagram’s new time limit tools into your marketing strategy and posts.

2.2. Step up your content strategy game

If you’ve been following us, it means that you are familiar with our core business values and credo. We at Preppr advocate for quality content creation as a driver of engagement and Instagram success. Not only that, but we also provide a whole arsenal of tips and tricks Instagram marketing strategies, tools, inspiration and much more. We’ve always done that but now we’re telling you that it’s time to step up a notch further.

We’re going to keep our end of the bargain and keep delivering high-end info and strategies for Instagram. All you need to do is make a creative leap and increase your efforts just a bit. The difference will be huge. For now, think about IG TV and how to tackle this new channel even better. Then, the new time limit tools won’t seem like such an impediment anymore, as followers will choose your content over other types of accounts because it brings them real value.

step up your content strategy to keep up with the time limits on Instagram

2.3. Post consistently and maintains coherence

If you follow our piece of advice from no. 2, then followers will eye-ball your business and keep on coming back for quality content. Since their time on Instagram might now drop due to Instagram’s new time limit tools, you want to make it as easy for them as possible to find and enjoy your content. That means to help them create a habit and expect your posts at a certain time/hour. If your content is engaging

maintain a coherent posting schedule to escape the damage made by Instagram's new time limit tools----

3. What to do with the free time gained thanks to Instagram’s new time limit tools

Now that you’ll also spend less time scrolling Instagram (hey, you might have a business profile, but we’re certain you’re also using the platform solo as an individual user), you’ll have more time to do fun stuff with both of your hands and all of your enthusiasm:

  • soak in the summer sun (and prepare your quality content for your Instagram business profile)
  • enjoy holding and eating two ice cream cones simultaneously
  • spread the word about Instagram’s new time limit tools (in person and through Instagram)
  • cuddle your pets more
  • learn how to juggle
  • enjoy doing absolutely nothing and if you dare, meditate
  • go on a holiday where you have no phone signal or WIFI (it will give you the off time you need to pump up your Instagram strategy)
  • grab a funky cocktail with your friends and don’t post it on Instagram
  • grab a second cocktail with your friends and this time post it on Instagram
enjoy the free time gained thanks to Instagram's new time limit tools----

Will Instagram’s new time limit tools really make a difference?

The answer is simple: it all depends on how we choose to use them: you, me, us; as individual users, as brand promoters, social media managers and marketing professionals. Sure, social media platforms are awesome and they are amazing tools for promoting a business. However, we must not forget that the most important things sometimes must be fully enjoyed offline. So, let’s all open our Instagram new time limit tools and get some time off. In the end, it will definitely pay off.

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