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Picking the perfect social media scheduling tool has become a task in itself. The market has bloomed with countless options, and you might find yourself spoiled for choice and… a bit overwhelmed. It’s probably how you landed here in the first place, searching for a capable alternative to Buffer. Finding a tool to match it isn’t easy since Buffer won the hearts of customers with a clear-cut interface, and by doing its job stellarly! 

But don’t lose hope you, who are wandering! Preppr is the equivalent of an ambitious, uprising talented youngster, but in the realm of social media tools. There are several (excellent) reasons why Preppr can become your next partner-in-social-media-business and we’ll get to them later in this article. 

Before we go any further, however, we must disclose that there are also differences between Preppr and Buffer. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise and it shouldn’t even be considered bad news. Change is good, and it’s what you make of it. Just like the founders of Preppr made the most out of their time at HubSpot and built on their growing expertise to create one of the best scheduling tools in the world. They had a head-start, as they’ve been dealing in Instagram algorithms and strategies since it's beginnings, when they created Ink361, an Instagram web viewer adopted by millions globally. So, don’t be afraid to make a change. It’s usually for the better. 


Reason #1

Preppr integrates your efforts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

The intricate web of social media connections spans from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, weaving similar content creation patterns. So why do the same thing three distinct times when you can use Preppr to schedule all posts at once? Because yes, you’ve read it right, Preppr can help you converge your marketing efforts for all three platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

Reason #2

Preppr’s proprietary AI algorithm can determine your custom “best time to post”

Posting great content on Instagram is only half the battle. Uploading it when the majority of your audience is online and active is the other vital half. With more than 14 million posts analyzed at the moment writing of this article, Preppr has nailed down the perfect times to post on Instagram. But get this, it continues to learn and gathers data from the interactions received on your uploaded posts. Then, it updates its database and prompts you with your personalized three best times to post.

Reason #3

Preppr makes it easy to automatically schedule Carousel posts

Preppr’s clean, organized and intuitive interface makes it a pleasure to work with. Even when it comes to Instagram Carousel posts, the process is as simple as it can get, winning you more engagement and saving you time. With Preppr you can automatically schedule Carousel posts with up to 10 images. You set it and forget it, but then immediately get reminded of it once the engagement notifications start to roll!

Reason #4

Preppr has flexible, affordable subscription plans

Small, medium and big businesses all get their fair share with Preppr, according to their objectives. The team at Preppr has deliberately created a series of subscription plans to fit all needs and budgets: The Selfie, Duo, Boss and Squad. And there’s nothing set in stone. If you’re following a growth path, you can adapt the Squad subscription plan and play around by adding extra profiles, as needed. 

Reason #5

Preppr helps you keep your hashtags and best content at hand 

Time is of the essence. This is true in life and business and social media alike. And Preppr’s job is to save you time for those important things that can’t be done by anyone else but YOU. Or, you know, save you some you-time. Among Preppr’s features to achieve this goal, the hashtag functionality is pure gold. You won’t have to scramble around trying to remember which hashtags to add, as you’ll have them right there, ready to be included with just one click.


Preppr is the best-partner-in-social-media of thousands of businesses, brands and influencers across the world. 

 Here’s why they chose Preppr and plan to stick with it:

As a busy Instagram user and moderator of multiple communities and feature groups, Preppr has been an invaluable resource. 

Elaine Taylor

Elaine Taylor

@sunflowerof21 - Influencer and Instagram community moderator - managing 80,000+ followers over 6 Instagram accounts.

Running multiple online businesses I needed a system to help us plan our Instagram content ahead, while leaving room for spontaneous content opportunities. 

Aranka van der Voorden

Aranka van der Voorden

@aranka.world - Founder Jogha & Fitgirlcode - 180,000+ followers on Instagram. 

I really like this app. I use it all the time. It's automatic planning feature makes my life so much easier.

Frouke van Loo

Frouke van Loo

@Frosjebranding | Branding & Content - managing over 10 social profiles on Instagram through Preppr

Preppr is an invaluable tool for any marketer or social media manager. It’s clean and intuitive interface makes scheduling posts a breeze, and the support team are second to none!

Jacob Burns

Jacob Burns

@bringthesound - owner and founder of the Bring The Sound Network 


Now, if you’re not a Preppr customer yet, you can start by giving a go with the 10-day free trial. It might turn out that it’s the alternative to Buffer you’ve been aching for. 

So, care to find out more? It’s going to be fun.

Want a flavour? Spice up your social media recipe with Preppr’s free 10 days trial

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