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  • What does Preppr do?

    Preppr helps professionals run effective and efficient campaigns on Instagram.

  • How does Preppr differ from other Instagram scheduling tools?

    Preppr is unique: it offers a complete solution on both web and iOS, including automatic posting to Instagram, best time to post recommendations and the option to create and maintain your caption library to quickly compile Instagram posts with your best-performing hashtags.

  • Is Preppr approved by Instagram?

    Preppr has been reviewed by Instagram and received the necessary autorizations to run the service. Preppr is not endorsed by Instagram and is independent.

  • Does Instagram’s API changes affect Preppr?

    Certain aspects of the Preppr services rely on Instagram API access, such as the Feed Preview. Manual and automatic publishing are not relying on any Instagram API connection. As a result these tasks are not affected by Instagram API changes.

  • Who owns Preppr?

    Preppr is developed by Preppr BV, a Dutch registered company.

  • Difference between Preppr web app and iPhone app?

    The Preppr web app and the Preppr iPhone app both support the same features except for the weekly preview (Web only).

  • Limits on a trial account?

    The great thing about Preppr is that it has no limitations within its trial account. Use all the features and publish as many posts to as many different Instagram accounts as you like during your 10 day free trial.

  • How to enable automatic publishing?

    To enable automatic posting, visit the Manage Accounts page and pull the switch to ‘autoposting ON’. If you haven’t been autoposting before Preppr will guide you through a 2-step verification process. 

    During this process Preppr will ask for your Instagram password to login to your account and automatically post the content you have scheduled with Preppr auto-posting.

  • Why does Preppr need your Instagram password?

    Preppr requires your Instagram account password for the purpose of logging into your account when Preppr automatically posts the content you have scheduled and queued. Without sharing your password, Preppr allows your use of the manual posting process only.

  • How do I disable two-factor authentication?

    Open the Instagram app and click the bottom right icon to access your own profile page. Then click the settings icon in the top right corner. Next, click on “two-factor Authentication” in the Account section. Switch “Require security code” to OFF and you are done.

  • How to switch Instagram/Facebook accounts?

    Go to the top right of the top navigation bar and click on the thumbnail to open a dropdown. Select the desired Instagram or Facebook account or click on “more accounts” to see the full list of Instagram accounts linked to your Preppr.

  • What does Preppr cost?

    The first 10 days of using Preppr are totally free, even if you decide to enter your payment method before your trial expires. The latest product pricing information can be found here:


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