Create and schedule Instagram Carousel Posts

Carousel Posts 

Create, schedule and take your followers on an engaging ride.

Statistics show that on Instagram, carousel posts perform better than images or videos and have higher engagement rates. 

From new product collections to behind-the-scenes stories, customer reviews, before and after comparisons and countless other thematics, carousel posts give you the creative freedom to show more in less time.

Create and schedule your carousel posts with Preppr to unlock all these benefits and also leverage the ‘best time to post’ feature.

unlock best time to post suggestions

Post from the web or iOS app

Whether you’re at the office or on the go, it’s unbelievably easy to schedule carousel posts with Preppr from your devices.

save tons of time on instagram

Boost engagement while relaxing

Create, schedule and enjoy the rest of your day. Preppr will automatically post your carousel when the time comes.

get maximum engagement

Leverage high-performing hashtags

Save time by selecting from your caption and hashtag top collection - always updated with the best performing ones.

Find ‘best time to post’

Preppr’s algorithm automatically suggests your best three times to post on Instagram for maximum engagement.

Instagram Carousel

Yesterday you said you’ll schedule your carousel post for tomorrow. And you did.

Creating and scheduling carousel posts with Preppr is easy like 1-2-3-4-5, with a 6 as a bonus. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Preppr Dashboard on the Preppr website or mobile app (iOS). 
  2. Select 'New post'.
  3. Click on ‘Add media’ and upload up to 10 photos or video items.
  4. Finish off your carousel post by adding the right caption and hashtags
  5. Select the ‘best time to post’ suggestions or schedule at a custom date. 
  6. Sit back and enjoy. Preppr will do the work.

Get creative with your carousel posts

A picture is worth a thousand words. A carousel is worth ten times more.

Wondering how to up your carousel game and have followers double tap with excitement? Carousel posts are versatile and enable you to create thematic galleries that can aid your sales and marketing objectives.

Featured work

Enabling followers to swipe through a carousel post can be the perfect intro to your product portfolio. Use each media item to showcase different product features or simply stun your followers with diverse beauty-angles of its design.

Announce new collections with Instagram Carousel Posts

Instead of individually posting items from the same collection, use carousel posts to organise your content around a single concept. This way, you’ll put things into perspective and followers will better understand your new collections and the vision behind them.

Instagram Carousel Brandstory

Use carousel posts to...unfold your brand story

Summon the potential of visual storytelling and take your followers along for a ride. With carousel posts you can create visual timelines of your brand’s story and build awareness around it without messing up your feed’s aesthetic.

Instagram Carousel posts for behind the scenes

Connect with your audiences on a more personal level by pulling the curtain and inviting them backstage. Carousel posts are perfect for showcasing different happenings and events that are not usually in the spotlight of your feed. Perfect for employer branding, great for any business.

Instagram carousel Posts Customer Reviews

The best way to win trust, visibility and promote yourself or your brand is by letting others praise you. Carousel posts are a great way of enabling audiences to swipe through client or customer reviews and make up their own minds regarding your business.

Instagram Carousel Post to Show Before and After Comparisions

There’s nothing more convincing than a before and after comparison. Carousel posts enable swipe-through visualisations of transformations, renovations, artwork and other situations where the whoa-effect is enhanced by the before and after media.


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