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The market for social media scheduling tools has exploded over the past few years. As you’ve landed on this page (nice to meet you, by the way!), you’re probably scooping around for alternatives to Later. Why Later? Well, because they’ve made a name for themselves by going that extra Instagram scroll. We tip our hats to Later, they’ve earned their fame and rightfully so.

Now, if you’re looking for another tool, you’ve made it to the right place. Preppr might be just what you’ve been alternatively looking for, and we’ll dig into the whys further down this page. While there are certain similarities between Later and Preppr, there are also differences and we’ll let you in on the subtleties soon.  

But first, meet Preppr’s founding team who has been around Instagram from the very beginning. The founders’ journey towards building an excellent scheduling tool (and a cool and trendy one as a matter of fact) started with Ink361, an Instagram web viewer, which was used by millions globally. Leveraging the lessons learned there, the team set the path towards building one of the best scheduling tools in the world during their time at HubSpot. This is the-long-story-short of what they accomplished and why you should join Preppr’s growing pool of super-users. 


Reason #1

Preppr can do carousel posts automatically

We know you’re always ready to roll up your sleeves and do the heavy-lifting work, but you know what they say: “work smarter, not harder”. That’s why, with Preppr, rolling though carousel posts is a breeze. By using its intuitive editor, you can add up to 10 images per carousel and edit them to your liking before scheduling for auto-posting. This way you can engage your audience faster and better while saving precious time to strategize further. 

Reason #2

Preppr uses AI to calculate the best time to post

With an AI algorithm that has analyzed more than 14 million posts, Preppr has narrowed down the perfect time frames to post on Instagram for maximum engagement. Of course, you can leverage the findings by scheduling and auto-posting. For every post, Preppr offers you three personalized “best time to post” options so that you can expand your reach every time and make sure your content gets to your desired audiences.

Reason #3

Preppr has smart, affordable subscription plans

Every business is different and there’s no other like the one you’re running. Preppr’s subscription plans are designed to take into account the differences between businesses. The Selfie, Duo, Boss and Squad plans are crafted in such a way that no single business is left behind (literally). And if you need more wiggle space, the Squad plan is easy to upgrade with the option of adding extra profiles. Of course, all highly affordable.

Reason #4

Preppr tackles Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

While Instagram is Peppr’s first love, the platform also gets along exceptionally well with Twitter and Facebook. Taking into account the fact that building a strong social media presence requires awareness on all fronts, these channels are a mandatory addition to your arsenal. Preppr rises to the challenge by helping you smooth things down in Twitter and Facebook land, in addition to making a rocking appearance on Instagram.

Reason #5

Preppr offers valuable insights inside and outside the platform 

With various efficient tools to be used for auto-bosting and maximum engagement, Preppr also takes things up a notch outside the platform. The team behind this hip platform also nurtures a blog on Instagram Marketing and beyond. Here, all social media marketers and enthusiasts can stay up to date with the latest and most efficient strategies that can turn their efforts into pure marketing gold. 


Loved by global brands and influencers, Preppr is the trusted side-kick of a variety of different businesses. 

Here’s what some of Preppr’s super-users have to say.

As a busy Instagram user and moderator of multiple communities and feature groups, Preppr has been an invaluable resource. 

Elaine Taylor

Elaine Taylor

@sunflowerof21 - Influencer and Instagram community moderator - managing 80,000+ followers over 6 Instagram accounts.

Running multiple online businesses I needed a system to help us plan our Instagram content ahead, while leaving room for spontaneous content opportunities. 

Aranka van der Voorden

Aranka van der Voorden

@aranka.world - Founder Jogha & Fitgirlcode - 180,000+ followers on Instagram. 

I really like this app. I use it all the time. It's automatic planning feature makes my life so much easier.

Frouke van Loo

Frouke van Loo

@Frosjebranding | Branding & Content - managing over 10 social profiles on Instagram through Preppr

Preppr is an invaluable tool for any marketer or social media manager. It’s clean and intuitive interface makes scheduling posts a breeze, and the support team are second to none!

Jacob Burns

Jacob Burns

@bringthesound - owner and founder of the Bring The Sound Network 


So whether you’re a Preppr customer or someone just stopping by to learn more about Later alternatives, we couldn’t have created this category without you.

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