Instagram Link in Bio Manager

Instagram Link in Bio Manager

More engagement, more leads, more sales and more of everything. Preppr’s Link Manager transforms your Link in bio into a gateway to countless other links. 

Don’t limit yourself to one link. Boast about everything you’re doing, extend the life of your marketing campaigns and save time by managing several links with just one manager.

Extends Marketing Efforts

Extends Marketing Efforts

Stop changing your link in bio and leverage the benefits of creating a collection of links that can serve more users for a longer time.

Easy to Customize

Easy to Customize

The setup for Preppr’s Link Manager is easy like Sunday morning. It enables you to make bespoke visual changes that will speak true to your brand’s identity.

Ready in No Time

Ready in No Time

Create and schedule extra links for your bio at the same time with new posts and leave the manual work for...never.

Smooth User Experience

Smooth User Experience

Beautiful looking links that are click-candy for your followers, who’ll also enjoy a seamless experience from your Instagram profile to wherever you might lead them.


Auto-schedule links in bio? Yes, you can! Synchronize links with scheduled new posts.

Create & schedule, in just one sitting, posts that synchronize with their corresponding links, saving tons of time and building fully-rounded experiences for your followers.

MORE of your content

Connect your audience to MORE of your content 

Our Link Manager helps you customize one page that contains all your essential links.

Blog articles, social media posts, product pages and marketing campaigns are long-time efforts that should be brought to the attention of your customers for as long as possible. With Link Manager, you can forget about manually changing your Link in Bio or alternating essential links. Auto-schedule more links and let them live longer. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Preppr Dashboard on the Preppr website.
  • Select ‘Link Manager' from the left-hand side.
  • Add, edit or remove links.
  • Change the color scheme, background, buttons and/or text color.
  • Sit back and enjoy. Preppr will do the work.


  1. Go to your Preppr Dashboard on the Preppr website.
  2. Select “New Post”.
  3. Create and schedule your new post.
  4. Activate the link feature at the right bottom corner of your post editor.
  5. Sit back and enjoy. Preppr will publish your link at the same time with your post.
Get creative with your Link in Bio

Get creative with your Link Manager

Visually - a treat.

Content wise - a world of choices.

Change your color palette

Get the interface of the Link Manager in tune with your brand’s identity by mixing, matching and selecting the most suiting color palette.

Customize your Bio Link URL

A photo might be worth a thousand words, but a custom URL is worth even more. Make it count with Preppr. 

Create bespoke descriptions

Let your inner copywriter spread the magic of well-crafted CTAs that will entice followers to click, click, click and follow the path of your links.


Join Preppr’s virtual circle of satisfied users.

10,000+ businesses, entrepreneurs and social media experts are linking to the countless features provided by Preppr. 

Find out why they enjoy the ride so much with our no-obligation 10 days free trial.

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