If Planoly is not your plan, Preppr has prepared an alternative.

If you're not sure whether "to Planoly or not to Planoly", don't worry, you have options. The plan? Check out Preppr and discover what it can do for your social media success.


With endless options comes the inability to choose. Ironically, that's the truth that has stunned a generation of social media managers. However, the social media scheduling tools horizon isn't as crowded as it appears to be at first glance. While it's true that there are countless options, after careful consideration, only a few can be genuinely considered deserving alternatives to Planoly. You might find it rather hard to find another social media scheduler so thoughtfully designed as Planoly. 

However, if you're at that point in your social media history when you're searching for a tool to replace Planoly, whether your priorities, needs or budget have changed or you're simply curious to try a new tool, Preppr presents itself as the natural choice. You'll find Preppr to have the same approachable and insightful outlook, and you might even be impressed by the differences - more reasons to trust Preppr with your social media plans. 

The team behind Preppr developed the tool as a way to move further on with their journey in the social media realm. They were among the firsts to seize the social media wave. They founded Ink361, which grew to become, at the time, one of the best Instagram web viewers adopted by millions globally. As the tides of change have transformed the face of Instagram, they were once again ahead of the curve as they founded Preppr. As you might guess, just like its older brother Ink361, it was immediately loved by a global audience. Here are a few reasons why you might come to love it too.


Reason #1

Preppr is the easiest way to create social media posts

Whether you're focusing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, a combination of or on all three, Preppr offers you the simplest imaginable way to create and schedule posts. Even for someone who hasn't used the platform, posting with Preppr will feel natural. Its intuitive dashboard and UX make for a seamless user experience. This combo will save you time not only by cutting back on manual work but also by not demanding a too steep learning curve. 

Reason #2

Preppr lets you in Instagram's "best time to post" secret

Research makes perfect. That's true in the social media realm, especially when it comes to Instagram's algorithm and catching the best window frame for boosted engagement. Preppr has analyzed more than 14 million posts (at the moment of writing this article) to narrow down the best times to post. Not only that, but Preppr's AI-smart algorithm continuously learns from your posts and, by further analyzing your metrics, proposes custom best times to post.

Reason #3

Preppr takes you on an automatic Carousel ride

Preppr transforms Carousel posts into a simple, pleasurable deal that saves you time. How is posting more and spending less time possible? Well, by scheduling up to 10 images at once with Preppr's Carousel feature. As with its other functionalities, this one too is easy to grasp and won't take you much time to master. Then, once you automatically schedule your Carousel posts, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Reason #4

Preppr is open with its subscription plans

Preppr's subscription plans are suitable for any individual or business, small, medium or big. With four available subscription plans: The Selfie, Duo, Boss and Squad, you'll find one that suits your needs and budget. And, in case you don't quite fit in any of the plans, Preppr offers you the option to adapt the Squad subscription and add other profiles, as needed.

Reason #5

Preppr is set on making your profile look the best 

Trends might change, and aesthetics might shift, but Preppr will always remain steady in its pursuit to offer you a stellar overview to stay coherent. No matter if your style is posh, minimalist, a little on the avant-garde side, a splash from the past or future-looking, you'll be able to stick with it and make smooth transitions by seeing all your scheduled posts in the same grid, from Preppr's dashboard. 


Preppr is the best-partner-in-social-media of thousands of businesses, brands and influencers across the world. 

 Here’s why they chose Preppr and plan to stick with it:

As a busy Instagram user and moderator of multiple communities and feature groups, Preppr has been an invaluable resource. 

Elaine Taylor

Elaine Taylor

@sunflowerof21 - Influencer and Instagram community moderator - managing 80,000+ followers over 6 Instagram accounts.

Running multiple online businesses I needed a system to help us plan our Instagram content ahead, while leaving room for spontaneous content opportunities. 

Aranka van der Voorden

Aranka van der Voorden

@aranka.world - Founder Jogha & Fitgirlcode - 180,000+ followers on Instagram. 

I really like this app. I use it all the time. It's automatic planning feature makes my life so much easier.

Frouke van Loo

Frouke van Loo

@Frosjebranding | Branding & Content - managing over 10 social profiles on Instagram through Preppr

Preppr is an invaluable tool for any marketer or social media manager. It’s clean and intuitive interface makes scheduling posts a breeze, and the support team are second to none!

Jacob Burns

Jacob Burns

@bringthesound - owner and founder of the Bring The Sound Network 


If you've never used Preppr before, start with one small step and try it on with the 10-day free trial. Once you give it a spin, you might discover it's the Planoly alternative you've been dreaming of. Don't hesitate to find out more. Time is on your side with this social media scheduler.

Want to try it on? Accessorize your social media strategy with Preppr's free 10 days trial

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